Payment & Insurance

With the exception of cash and credit card payments, understanding the rules and filling out the forms of your insurance carrier can be confusing, overwhelming and very time consuming. We understand that so we are happy to assist you with any rules and forms regarding your insurance benefits and payments.

When you come in for your first visit, we will contact your insurance provider to find out which services are covered and what is your financial responsibility. When you are seen for an exam, a routine cleaning, or to have x-rays, we bill your insurance provider and have payment sent directly to our office. For any restorative or extensive dental work, we will submit on your behalf a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance provider, along with any required x-rays and narratives.

We will assist you in maximizing your PPO dental plan benefits

The best way to find out your insurance plan benefits is to refer to your statement of benefits or contact your employer’s Human Resources department. You can also contact your insurance company directly by logging into its website or by giving them a call. Typically, the most common procedures such as cleanings, exams and x-rays are covered at 100%.

Note: Some insurers will only send payment directly to the policy holder. Therefore, we may ask that you pay at time of service and request to be directly reimbursed by your insurer.