Patient Testimonials

Below you will find some of the things our wonderful clients have had to say about us over the years. Keep the feedback coming please!

When I fell crossing the street on a Saturday morning, my front teeth almost completely split my upper lip. I called Dr. Moffitt and he saw me in his office just two hours after I fell. He was able to reposition and save my front teeth, and with his care, my lip healed with almost no scar.

– Lilia

I have been taking my elderly father to see Dr. Moffitt for ten years now. Dr. Moffitt has patiently worked with me to help my father to remember to care for his teeth. Dr. Moffitt gave me his honest and expert advice. I appreciate the wonderful care Dr. Moffitt continues to provide for my father.

– Ciara

Between work and school our family has a crazy schedule, so we really appreciate that Dr. Moffitt and his staff offer us back-to-back appointments that allow us to visit his office on the same day.

– The Taylor family

When Dr. Moffitt said he could reduce the size of the gap between my front teeth in just one appointment, I really did not believe it was possible. However, he did it – in less than one hour! Thank you, Dr. Moffitt. I now no longer feel embarrassed when I smile.

– Perry

I had some visible discoloration on my front teeth, which were not as straight as they used to be. I talked with Dr. Moffitt about this and we decided that the best option for me was porcelain veneers. I now have that bright and perfect smile I’ve always wanted! Thank you, Dr. Moffitt!

– Maryanne

I used to be afraid of going to the dentist. However, Dr. Moffitt and his staff really take the time to make me feel very relaxed and comfortable!

– Valerie

Before I was referred to Dr. Moffitt by a close friend, I always thought that I could not afford high quality dental care. I was told by my former dentist that I needed several implants and crowns. He told me how much it would cost and I told him that I could not afford it…even after my insurance benefit. Dr. Moffitt confirmed what my former dentist told me I needed, but at a cost of twenty-five percent less!

– Jason

I started seeing Dr. Moffitt when I was a kid. My parents thought his standard of care has always been excellent. Now, as a parent myself, I bring my children to see Dr. Moffitt. After all these years, Dr. Moffitt continues to provide excellent service.

– Jeffrey

I have been a patient of Dr. Moffitt’s for 25 years, and I am really impressed about how he keeps up-to-date with all the latest in dental equipment. Since opening his new office, Dr. Moffitt and his staff can fully demonstrate their commitment to quality care.

– Cindy

I was recently at Dr. Moffitt’s office and I was truly amazed about the care and attention shown by Dr. Moffitt and his assistant – most notably his assistant Michaela. I have never visited a dentist where, while the dentist is operating, his assistant is rubbing lip balm on my dry lips, asking if I am comfortable, and letting me know what each instrument is and what I can expect to feel/hear! I remember taking a customer service class for a bank I worked at, and we were told to “knock the socks off” of our customers by going beyond the duty of our jobs to satisfy them. Dr. Moffitt and Michaela have definitely “knocked my socks off!

– Alvin